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Since childhood, I have had the feeling of not belonging to any particular place, and maybe that´s the reason I became a traveler, a world citizen. My work explores the illusion of reality, reflected in a kaleidoscopic interaction with the urban environment.


"From the beginnings of the universe, travels and journeys have marked human beings. Even when confronted with the unknown, such travels have an implicit dream. For Karina and Marcelo Chechik, their journey to the United States has left a deep imprint in their work, not only for the meaning itself of confronting a new culture (so frequently sublimated), but also the uprooting and abandonment implied in it. Taking into account all the places, images, smells, etc., it has accumulated with experience, the brain finds parallels almost as an obligation and an unconscious task. "..."Its inevitable to find common points with the individual reality immigrants come from. Thats why some of Marcelos photographs turn the Vietnam monument into the protagonist of his work to establish a parallel with the obelisk dedicated to the soldiers fallen in the Malvinas (Falkland Islands) war. In his photographs, Marcelo seeks to reflect the spontaneous and ephemeral reality using the richness offered by the image at the very moment it has been shot, without manipulating it."

Marisol Martell,  Art Nexus Magazine


"Karina and Marcelo Chechik´s collaboration explores their views as Argentinian inmigrants of European descent, and explores through the use of images from their past and powerful references to national icons, the illusory quality of the American dream. The railroads, bridges, maps, and seascapes of Karina´s work transcend the traveling path and take us to a different level of integration. The poetic voyage, highly tinted with Borges´texts, lead us into her continuous search for an ideal place.
Marcelo´s photographic images and video installations of New York's skycrapers and Washington´s historical monuments acquire, within the context of the exhibition, a new powerful meaning. His aproach questions ideals of freedom, security, and economic prosperity that can no longer be taken for granted.
Their current work also quotes John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln and Emma Lazarus, and guides us to a new critical dimension, an emotional one that touches us all. Although the dreams still exist, they must be seen from a different perspective in this exhibition.
Their collaborative work is a deep and sensitive reflection (as reflejo and/or reflexión) of the gap they perceive among the symbols, the expectations, and the realities of a promised land."

Francine Birbragher, curator Frost Art Museum
The journey to the Promised Land catalogue


"Like all Argentinians that I have met, the Chechik´s regard Borges as their great thinker. In their current body of work not only is Borges quoted but also John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, and Emma Lazarus. The Chechiks have shown me that there is a relationship to Borges with our great thinkers. Borges speaks of the journey as a labyrinth in which there are no definitive answers. He suggests that discovering the realities is part of the dream. Thank you Karina and Marcelo, your research was unparalleled. It is ironic that your exhibition opens May 25th, Independence Day for Argentina and closes July 4 th, Independence Day for the United States. Your efforts remind us that there can be a dream in this promised land."

Bernice Steinbaum
The journey to the Promised Land catalogue


"Marcelo Chechik explores the relationship between man and his visual environment, most specifically large buildings, through the use of his photography. As is witnessed in this exhibition, mirrors and reflection have a considerable place in his work. The reflected light and shadows give the architecture a sense of pulse. Wherever his buildings are photographed, this artist finds another dimension for them, one connected to his Argentine roots. His photographic eye connects the remembrances of the edifices at home with those of a variety of metropolises."

Michael McManus, Curator, 

Terrace Gallery, Orlando City Hall - Orlando, FL.


"Angled edges of skyscrapers blend into the slopes and curves of fuzzy clouds in Marcelo Chechik's art exhibit at The Ned. The Argentinean photographer's works feature ornate, old-world architecture and sleek, shiny modern buildings in New York City. Some of the pieces feature double images or distorted reflections. "

Kim Thomas, Art Critic, 

The Jackson Sun Jackson, Tennessee, TN.


"Marcelo Chechik's work explores the relationship between man and the visual environment. For Chechik, reality is always a point of view to a perspective. Chechik's portrayals of large cities and buildings explore the ideas of perception, essence and contradictions. "

Euridice Miranda, Curator, 

Broward County Main Library  Fort Lauderdale, FL. 


"Intriguing photographer Marcelo Chechik engages himself with relations between reality and illusion as revealed through modem buildings' glass facades."

Philip E. Bishop, Art Critic, 

Orlando Sentinel - Orlando, FL.

BIO was selected by The Ivy Plus Libraries Confederation for inclusion in its Latin American and Caribbean Contemporary Art Web Archive, as a notable contemporary Latin American and Caribbean artist. This honor aims to assure its continuing availability for researchers and scholars. This initiative has been developed by art and architecture librarians at Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Johns Hopkins, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Chicago, and Pennsylvania universities.


• Multiversos, Solo show, Galeria A Hebraica. São Paulo, 2017

Bienal Reflexão Arte Hoje (1º Lugar), Shopping D&D. São Paulo, 2017

• Imago Mundi Argentina  - Laura Haber Gallery. Buenos Aires, 2017

• A Meditation in Place  - Art Scope Fair 2015 (during Art Basel), Miami Beach, FL 

• Feira PARTE of Contemporary Art. November 6-10, 2013, Paço das Artes, São Paulo.

• Art Takes New York - Group show of artwork projection onto massive skyscrapers. October 5, 2013

• Argentina 2002 Art: In Honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. Group show at the Broward County Main Library. September 15-October 15, 2002.
• A is For Art: The Miami Alphabet Exhibitions A-Z. Group show at the Miami-Dade Public Library. June 20-September 14, 2002.
• "The Journey to the promised land".  Collaboration show together with Karina Chechik at Bernice Steinbaum Gallery. May 25-July 4, 2002.
• CasaFOA 2001. Video installation. Solo show.  International annual exhibition of art and design. Buenos Aires, Argentina, from September to November 2001.
• Four from Argentina, Group show together with Daniel Fiorda, Karina Chechik and Carolina Sardi at Terrace Gallery, Orlando City Hall, Orlando, Fl. From November 2, 2000, to January 7, 2001.
• Marcelo Chechik Photographs, Solo show at Beech River Heritage Museum, TN from June to December 2000.
• CasaFOA 2000. International annual exhibition of art and design. Buenos Aires, Argentina, from September to December 2000                        
• Images of New York. Photographic Solo Exhibition at King Juan Carlos of Spain Center, New York University (NYU), New York; from February 25 to March 15, 2000. 
• Chechik / Chechik. Photographic Exhibition at Jackson State Community College, Jackson, TN. from February 15 to March 31, 2000.
• Art exhibition. Group show at Michael-Ann Russell Jewish Community Center, Aventura, Fl. from December 5 to December 12, 1999.
• Interiors and exteriors. Group show at ArtCenter /South Florida In recognition of Design and Architecture Day,  from October 16 to November 7, 1999.



• CasaFOA 2001, Solo show, video installation at the International annual exhibition of art and design. Buenos Aires, Argentina, from September to November 2001
• DeparturesArrivals, ArtCenter/SouthFlorida, Miami, FL. 1999,
• Buenos Aires...Memorias, Slocumb Galleries, Department of Art & Design, East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN., 1996
• Jesus Marcos, ARTE BA; Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1996.
• Buenos Aires...Memorias, Recoleta Cultural Center; Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1995.
• Buenos Aires...Memorias,  ARTE BA (International art Fair); Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1995.
• Sensations of Nature, San Martin Cultural Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1991
• Reinterpretation based on other artists works such as Karina Chechik, Wolfgang Luh (Germany); Jesús  Marcos (Spain), Manuela Pintos Tezanos (Argentina), Al-Andaluz (Flamenco group).



• Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale - FL
• Suntrust Bank, Orlando - FL
• Shane Sutton Residence - New York - NY
• Harry Cipriani, Santa Catalina Convent -  Buenos Aires, Argentina.
• Julin Residence - Miami - FL
• Wasserman Residence - Buenos Aires, Argentina.
• Claudio Cuoghi Residence - Miami - FL
• Robert Pinkert Steel Coil Corporation  - Chicago Illinois
• Singer Residence - Miami - FL
• Principe residence - Fort Lauderdale, FL. - New York Photographs



1º Lugar na Bienal Reflexão Arte Hoje2017  

• First Prize in video category, "Coca Cola in the Arts and Sciences", Buenos Aires, Argentina. 1991



Photography Courses at the ArtCenter/SouthFlorida, 2001/1999
Lecture as a guest artist at Jackson State Community College, Jackson, TN., March 30, 2000
Digital Video Production professor at Maimonides University, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 1998 - 1995
Graphic Design professor at the University of Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 1995 - 1993.

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